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Association was founded in 2006 by a group of parents having children with autism and other associated disorders. We are a founding member of FEDRA (The Federation for Rights and Resources for People with Autistic Disorders), and FEDRA is a member of Autism Europe Organization. We are the first and the only IES dedicated to people with ASD.


Who we are?

The “Crystal Children” Association was established in 2006, in Brașov, by a group of parents having children with autism and other associated disorders, in order to meet their will and, at the same time, the necessity to give these children the chance to benefit from support services and specialized therapy, which, unfortunately, lack from the public assistance guaranteed by the Romanian state.


What do we do, then?

Our goal is to create and develop support services for the families of patients suffering from various autism spectrum disorders. We provide free materials about children’s disorders, offer family counseling – parents, siblings – through support groups and thematic meetings, special therapy sessions, and guaranteed access to relevant information through the strategic partnerships we have concluded over time.


Who can help us?

The team of therapists of the “Crystal Children” Association is made up of 10 professionals in the fields of psycho-pedagogy, clinical psychology and kinetotherapy. Volunteer help is also extremely important to us. And in addition, institutional partnerships help us continue to fight for our cause.

Year 2013

Accreditation from M.M.F.P.S.P.V. (The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly) for the specialized social recovery and rehabilitation service.

Year 2014

The association obtains the accreditation certificate as a provider of social services from M.M.F.P.S.P.V. (The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly).

Year 2015

We launch the project for the integration of young people affected by ASD “A Future for Young People with Autism” on the labor market.

Year 2016

Organization of the charity concert “Together, for a Dream!” for the beneficiaries of the “Crystal Children” Association.

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Our Services In order to learn more about our specialized actions and to see how we can help you, we invite you to view the entire list of the “Crystal Children” Association.

Therapeutic swimming
Swimming is the sport with the most complex beneficial effects on the body, regardless of
Speech Therapy
It has the role of restoring and stabilizing language, by the differentiated application of specific
Sensory Therapy
Used to increase consciousness and positive behaviors for people with severe sensory impairments or neurological
Animal-Assisted Therapy
Beneficial for improving the ability to recognize emotions, but also for improving other behavioral characteristics.
3C Therapy
Based on raising awareness, increasing the level of concentration and coordination activities. 3C Therapy (Concentration.
It develops motor skills, perception, orientation and spatiotemporal organization, provides motric control and stability. Kinetotherapy
Game therapy and drama therapy
It contributes to the development of children’s abilities affected by autism and other developmental disorders,
Occupational Therapy
It helps people regain their independence in most areas of life, improving their cognitive, physical

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Right from the beginning, the “Crystal Children” Association founded its existence on a well-defined goal and a set of core values, ​​without which our association could not exist.












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