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Who we are

The 'Crystal Children' Association

We are an NGO association, founded by a group of parents having children with autism and other associated disorders. The Association was established in Brașov in 2006, and with the help of volunteers and specialized therapists, and also with the support of state institutions, we want to provide all the necessary support for children suffering from autism or other AUTISM spectrum disorders (ASD).


Founding member of FEDRA

The “Crystal Children” Association is a founding member of FEDRA (Federation for Rights and Resources for People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders) http://www.autismfedra.ro/.The Federation aims to create and maintain an appropriate environment for stimulating and supporting people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families. FEDRA is a member of Autism Europe Organization. http://www.autismeurope.org/


Social services and authorizations

The Crystal Children Association offers 8 types of therapy specialized in solving ASD-specific problems. Each therapist works with the beneficiaries in a specific way, using a personalized approach. We want to help children get over the barriers of AUTISM and lead a normal lifestyle. In this regard, every year, we develop campaigns and programs for the integration of beneficiaries in the society and we start counseling and specialized therapy sessions to support them in their healing process.

How it started

Our Story

At first it was the pain … “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but your children are autistic.”(Romanian translation = Îmi pare rău că trebuie să vă spun eu asta, dar copiii dumneavoastră au autism)”.

I was in an inner state of impenetrability; the lady’s words in front of me were so distant from me. AUTISM! I did not know anyone to talk about this, which would give me the hope that my boys would be fine.

What made my children different from the others finally had a name. All I have to do is read about it and find solutions. However, why did not any Romanian say this to me, it has been almost two years since I wonder what is happening to them: they do not talk, they do not play with the other children, they are always preoccupied and seem to be thinking. They are only 3 years old! What can a 3-year-old child think of?

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We are the “Crystal Children” Association

An Association specializing in the organization of awareness and information activities on AUTISM spectrum disorders. We also offer special therapy and counseling services to beneficiaries. Our agenda also includes charitable arts activities and fundraising campaigns.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is not an activity, it is a true state of spirit that starts from everyone’ s spirit of altruism, from the desire to help the other and the desire to make things better around us. We, the “Crystal Children” Association, offer you what we value most: our sincerity and friendship.

Get involved!

Get involved in our activities by becoming a volunteer and use your free time for helping young people and children with ASD. Help them enjoy a normal life. You can get involved and donate a modest amount of money for these children to have a better life.

It’s easy to be better!

Your donation support will be more than useful for children, young people and adults with autism and other associated disorders benefiting from the services provided by the “Crystal Children” Association. This simple gesture will add stability and security to our projects and programs.

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Our experience

Our deeds speak up for us!

Over time, in over a decade of activity, we have come to the conclusion that our deeds should speak up for us. Therefore, we always let people discover more about us through our activities!

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