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Coffee for children with special needs
International Autism Day

Annually, the most important information and awareness campaign organized by the “Crystal Children” Association is the International Day of Autism Awareness – April 2, the date set by the United Nations since 2007. Ever since 2011, the “Crystal Children” Association joined the World “Light it Up Blue” campaign on April 1 – 2 on the occasion of the International Autism Awareness Day. Thus, in those days, symbolic buildings in Brasov, such as the Council House, the City Hall, the Fortress of Brașov or the Reduta Cultural Center, are lighted in blue (the color that symbolizes autism). On this occasion, in partnership with Brasov City Hall and Braşov County Council, we carry out a series of actions and events dedicated to children with autism and addressed to the entire local community.


All these activities are meant to contribute to the local awareness of autism issues. In the past years, our association has successfully organized screenings of people with autism, attended by parents, therapists, teachers and students, support marches for people suffering from various autism disorders, charity performances, etc. From year to year, we are happy to see that more and more people living in Braşov are in solidarity with children and young people with autism. It has already become a tradition both for us and for them to visit our stand in the Council Square on 2 April and to participate in the events we hold on the occasion of the International Autism Awareness Day – April 2. We want this information and autistic awareness activities to increase in the coming years and become events with significant participation for the Braşov community.

Open Doors Day

For the first time, we organized on 13 October 2015, at the headquarters of the “Crystal Children” Association, Aurel Vlaicu Street, no. 26 bis, the Open Doors Day, an initiative through which the Center for Evaluation and Recovery Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and other associated disorders could be visited by all those who would like to know the universe of children, young people and adults with disabilities. The participants had the opportunity to interact with young people and adults attending occupational therapy sessions and to see what beautiful things come out of their hands: vases, candle holders, plates, various decoration items, hand-made jewelry, candles, jewelry boxes and so on.

Coffee for children with special needs

In December 2014, for two hours, the well-known star Dana Săvuică participated in a charity event where she sold coffee to people from Brașov for children with special needs. All the funds raised by her action went to our association. Beside her were her husband, Răzvan, but also his good friend, Helmuth Duckadam, along with his family.