The Day Center for adults with autism, Down Syndrome or other associated disorders


The beneficiaries of the association, who have become adolescents and adults, spend most of their time in the Day Care Center – Occupational Therapy, where they are permanently assisted by therapists and volunteers. With their help, our beneficiaries make hand-made items (decorations, jewelry, jewelry boxes, glass paintings, greetings, etc.). In 2013, with the funds from the 2% redirection of income tax, we were able to put together a candle shop. Thus, our beneficiaries, assisted by therapists and volunteers, make candles in this workshop, which are sold on a commission basis. All the products made by them are presented at sales exhibitions at all events organized for the benefit of the “Crystal Children” Association.

In addition, as people with autism spectrum disorders are usually isolated, with no opportunities for leisure and socializing, our association offers a combination of specific therapeutic programs and an educational program centered on the development of independent life skills, which increases our beneficiaries’ capacity of learning and relating, while reducing the severity and frequency of unwanted behaviors.

Therefore, together with the team and volunteers Association, we organize fun and recreation activities for our beneficiaries, taking place within the Day Centre -Occupational Therapy, and in the real environment, outside therapy, we focus on strengthening the abilities gained through trips, outdoor activities at The Equine Center, at the city playgrounds, at the Zoo, we do bike rides etc.

a) Services includes: occupational therapy kinetotherapy, play therapy, and drama therapy, 3 C therapy, social counselling, psychological counselling, legal counselling, support group for parents.

b) Target Group: is addressed to adolescents and adults aged 14 – 60 years, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, mental retardation, Down syndrome, ADHD and other disorders.

c) Headquarters: Aurel Vlaicu Street, no. 26 bis (1st floor – 1 Occupational Therapy Hall, 1 dining room, 1 room for music and dance therapy, 1 kinetotherapy room, 1 Sensory Room).

d) Specialists: ABA therapists, psychologists, psychopedagogists, speech therapists, kinetotherapists, social assistant, volunteers.